Visiting Artists to Cumbria Clubs were made welcome

in most of our Clubs, and although there were hard

audiences in some areas (well Known to our own local

Artists) if the act was good enough they would enhance

there pulling power and reputation by going down well.

The next time they were booked in Cumbria they would

really pull in the crowds.

Here are more Club Stars from Cumbria and all over

the UK. A few of the Acts we have worked with we cant quite

remember individual names but if you know please

send any info by e-mail.


      Danny says Welcome to Page 2


 The Most Fabulous Family Show,

that we have ever seen in any club

   anywhere they are wonderful

Jan Puzon Great Act                  

      Guitar Vocal                   

                                                                       The Whiteheather                                                                           Presents the Fab


Wonderful to work with

From the North East             

a real top Star (Bobby)         

                                                                          They areJust Magic
At Barrow United Club

Brilliant Comic From

Liverpool  (Top Act )  


                                              Great Act Very Popular


       Top Star Act

At the Whiteheather

          Newcastleton R.B.L

                                             Great Show From Scotland

                                                 Good to work with


A Top Act From Scotland

we worked together at

  Annan Masonic Club 

                                           Mary Duncan Super Vocalist

                                            and lovely person (Top Act)


We met all of these wonderfull Club Stars on our tours with

the Band and I now have all these pictures and cards to remind

me of all those happy days and nights and I just can not distroy

all this nostalgie and wonderful memorys, life would have been so pointless if we had not had entertainment and these people

who have learned there trade the hard way traveling around

the clubs deserve to be rememberd.


      Brian and Trica Ford


                                                        The Wonderfull O Duffy Bro


                                                               Top Professionals

  Here they are again back

   from summer season in

        The Isle of Man

                                                             Can anyone give me info

                                                                   on this great Duo.

                                                                      Names Please?          



The Wonderful Angela Cherry

Fantastic Act Great Girl


              David Wilson

Butlins Top Act of the Year 1965

   A Great Band

   The Runaways

 Pam and Phil Bayne

With Daughter Ally

Pam and Phil BBC Radio Cumbria Stars of " GO COUNTRY " the Best Show on Radio Pictured Here with The Runaways Country  Band Great Entertainment.                                 

Leonie Bainbridge

Wonderful Musician

                                         Bill Gore Oppertunity

                                          Knocks three times

                                             Winner Top Act

Info please about this

        Great Act

                 Thistle Records Star

                                                                        Johnny Jardine

                                                                    Great Entertainment


The wonderful Meteors

         1960 s

                                                           Great Country Act from



  (Norman Quale Brillient) 

  Lead/ Solo Guitarist 1960s 

             Wonderful Act

                                          Great Vocal/Comady

                                           With a touch of the



Danny Chats to the Stars

                                           Steve Oswald Joins

Superb  Vocalist                       The Crystal

Versatile Vocalist /Guitarist

/ Keyboards and Recording Star

     Phil Longcake

Blackpool Recording Star

Kathy King  Superb Vocalist

live at the Blackpool R.B.L Club Sept 2008

  Brilliant Musician Terry on

the Keyboards and this Girl can Sing

         she really is a Star


Musician Alan Williams live at the

Queens Hotel Silloth with the

Auberey Melville Band  1970.


Tom Tyson Supurb Musician

Internationl Recording Star

Why Not have a look at Tom's

Website Click on Here to Visit

John Eilbeck

live at the Silloth R.B.L.Club

wonderful Vocal/ Compare

with a great Personality


                                  Fred on Sax Playing with


                                         and the  Blue Rhythm 1952

 The Incredibly talented

  Postlethaite Family all musicians from Egremont       




Brian  (Postlethwaite) Sands

                                                Norman Postlethwaite




The Fabulous Delta Sisters

Great Vocal Act  

                                     Musical Worlds Lead


                                          Johnny Breeze

                                   Superb Vocal Entertainer

                                         Personality  Plus





Winner of Blackpools Top Talent

      Contest August 2009 

Do you remember the names of people in this Band ??



Terry Webster probably the most

outstanding accompanyist and talented

Musician in the North of England

Resident Musician at Blackpool

    Royal British Legion Club

Tom Heanan "Accordionist"

Making lovely Music at Blackpool

we all need more of this

                                                            Wonderful Lindsay Kendal

                                                                Author of Bloodlines

                                                                        her latest book 

Moota Motel

Nigel,Sue,Joan,Danny night out



 The Wonderful Billy Stewarts Band,never to be forgotten it

was a fantastic band  give a call to your old band colleagues

Can anyone tell us who these Musicians are

Names Please ?

We are looking for names of the musicians in

this Picture


    Why Not Click here for a look at Dave's

    Great Website Chapter5 Music