Venues Like The White Heather  Hotel, Moota Motel,

presented top stars such as the Dooleys,Millie the Four most,the Rockin Berries etc, etc,and  of course pulled in the big crowds and were very popular places to go.

More about  Cumbria hot Venues on page   5

The White Heather was the most forward looking

and exciting of them all presenting the very top Bands and

Stars of Stage Screen and Radio and putting on some fantastic

nights of wonderful entertainment.

The Managment of the Hotel was in the very capable hands

of Mr Barry Hope he was a Superb Manager and Host

This is Barry at the Doors of the Famious White Heather Hotel

       He was simply the best                                              

Top Manager of the White Heather

             Mr Barry Hope

It was all go at the White Heather Hotel

The Card says it all new show every night


                                                                Simply The Best

                                                          Top Manager Mr Barry Hope

                                                           of  The White Heather Hotel


The Wonderful Dooleys

Top TV.Radio Film Stars


                                                       DONA CLYD & SON





Tne White Heather Presents


                                                       TOP TRIO GREAT ACT

      Rodney Warr With

     Rue and the Rockets

          TV Radio Stars

        From Scotland

                                                   MR Persoality Roy Foster

                                                         Fabulous Tenor

    Great Show Band

From Carlisle Cumbria


          Need info about this Group

Need Info about this Group

                                                               Top Act TV.Radio



    Angela and Donald                       

                Sue, "Tottie Mc Glone" Joan

                                                            and Danny at Moota Motel



          Danny And Joan 

with Chairman Arthur Robinson

The First Resident Band at

the New Falcon Club Egremont


                                                      Info Needed for Mr Allan

       Thornhill Club

  Special Night With Sue and

        the Danjolairs


                                          Danny at the Calder Works

                                          Engineers Christmas Party

                                         held at the Sellapark Hotel

                                                          near Calder Hall Works 1955

       Great Musical Duo

         John and Barry

 The Danjolairs Country Band                                       BBC Talent show runners up 1984  



                                   Star Cluster with Rocky (Centre)

                                                            (Behind) Stan and Ray

                          Les Vaughan (Left)Johnny Barrow (Right)
    Rocky & Les on Stage


                                                Rocky on stage Newcastle

                                                     Palace Theatre 1957


          Its Magic                              



   Two  Cumbria  Greats                                                                   

Rocky Brown   Gordon Hunter                                                 


At Gretna         Lyland Bus Co                  

Tavern in         Xmas Party

Cabaret                                                           Info Required

A Great Act From The


Recording Stars                                   Latest CD is a Knockout

 Fantastic Vocals                                  

 Fantastic Band

Thank You to Dennis Watt we have found  
Doreen with Her wonderful Band Country

Breeze I think the Picture was taken in 1981

Super Couple Great Act

                                       Info required about this act

Karen is a Sheffield Lass and a

                  Super Act

                                                 Info about this great a


Top Star Vocal  Act

Liverpool Lad Garry Bell


                                                          Star Act

                                                        Broollyn White


         The Norths Top Band

  Big Recording Stars great Act

Wonderful Vocalist and Friend



Singing Star May Pryke on a

relaxing tour in Spain doing



                                                                    The Fabulous

                                                               Rue and the Rockets


              Paul Howard

           more info needed on paul

Wonderful Blackpool Show with Miss

Personality herself in the Queens Hotel

                  South Shore 


Band Leader and Superb


    Mr Barrie Moses    

          Mr Don Mackay

                                        Song writer and Vocal

                                          Great  entertainer 



Blackpools own Cabaret &

       Recording Star

        Shirley Davies

From Bonnie Scotland

Another great Family Band 


 Joanie took Photo

Danny and Joanie  presenting on

       Radio Haven

On Stage at the R.A.F.A. Club Silloth

Comedian and Vocalist  Bridget Fleetham

Wonderful  Person and a great act

Bridget Relaxing after the Show success

Bridget and Alan doing a

Comady Act at the Navy Club 

   Maryport  Cumbria

           MR Bill Gribbin Superb Vocal/ Compere  

                          Mr Personality


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