Sue and The Danjolairs through the years


Its Just the way we were all those years ago the story is

quite a long one and there is not enough room to tell it

all so I will just cover the highlights and lowlights of our

family band.

JOANIE 15 years on the right the stage is in her blood and    

            This was the start of her showbiz life

The First Picture Of the Band

        It was the 1960s

                                                         Holiday Camp Days at the

                                                      " Solway Lido"  Silloth Happy

                                                         Days and nights in the Tipple


Oppertuneity Knocks Days

     Our Bid for Stardom

                                                              A Night out at Moota Motel

                                                                        Happy Days

Sue in the Picture With Hughie

Green and the Oppertunity Knocks Team

    The Main Ballroom Lido

Danny and Joan Gretna Hall

          Carlisle with the

    Tommy Kennedy Show                 

                                              Those Were the Days and Nights
The Tipple Inn Soway Lido

Alan Johnston the Lead Singer

of the Mc Showband Singing  with

us on the Mc Showband Final Night

It was a sad night because they were

a Wonderful Band and well liked by everyone

 Moota Motel in the year 2000                       WOW

 Nigel,Danny,Barbara Joan,Sue,           Here we are again

Grand Daughter Aimee in front     



  We  changed  places                        Harold Muir  &  Joani



We often had guest musicians in the band and above

we had Carlisle Drummer Harold Muir at the Whiteheather Hotel 

   Cumbrian Star

Stan Mc Manners with

the Danjolairs at the Tipple Inn

Sue goes off to College   

 Mr Bill Neashem Steps in and did a

Great Job till Sue Came back  our

Greatful thanks to Bill a wonderful      

vocal/guitarist and a real nice guy


Star Country singer

Country Rose with the Danjolairs

       at Silloth RAFFA Club

Backing Yoddleing Bil Gore at the Keswick

                  RAFFA Club 

on the (right back) the Great George Hodson

Sec of Keswick RAFFA he was the Best and greatest

Concert/ Sec we ever knew God Bless Him we miss him

so much, a Great Man

Sue and Nigel Go Duo first booking  July 2010

The Original Sue and the Danjolairs


Drumer Joanie Holmes age 73 years

 old  off to a Gigg  August 2009


Grandchildren Charlotte,

          and Aimee

 The Musical Tradition goes on

Danny and Joan at Lovers Leap, and

Mixing with the Stars, of the Top Talent Show Contest

and on the front row, Radio Presenters Pam and Phil 

 BBC Radio Cumbria Country Show  "Go Country"

                     The Best Show on Radio

       It does not feel like 6o years now

Joanie (Drumer) Age 73 Years off to a Gigg

 Sue and Nigel start new Duo


June 2010 Good luck both

         DAD AND MAM 


Our Sue               Sue, Aimee, Nigel

                             The latest Flames

                                Rockabilly Trio