Here are just a few clippings from my scrapbook to give

our readers a idea of the vast amount of entertainment

happening in Cumbria in the 60s 70s it was fantastic, folk were going out most nights of the week to cabaret, and Dances,

Dinner out, etc, etc,

Its sad if you missed it all because today its like being on a desert Island living in Cumbria as far as entertainment

is concerned.

For people like me and my friends it is quite unbelievable

that it has all but gone.

There are reasons for this state of affairs but this is not the place to hold an inquest on what we have lost but to remember

the wonderful times we had.





There were many clubs and Hotels booking Entertainers/Bands

and all kinds of acts the local press had two or three pages of

adverts and it was exspanding all the time as more clubs came

on stream, it was a very exciting time for new acts because

there was a place to try out your talents, and they did in there







Some Clubs still go on but lots and lots

have bit the dust,, here are some survivers                             


      Silloth Social Club

Egremont Conservative Club  Silloth Bowling Social Club